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Welcome to Medical Conditions Travel Insurance

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Whatever your pre-exisiting medical condition you can rest assured that we will have a great range of travel insurance providers who will cover your condition, all online at afforable prices.

We will be providing comparisons for such conditions as...

* Rare Genetic Disorders Travel Insurance

* Asthma Travel Insurance
* Heart Attack Travel Insurance
* Nut Allergy Travel Insurance
* Colitis Travel Insurance

* Diabetes Travel Insurance
* Angina Travel Insurance
* Epilepsy Travel Insurance
* Arthritis Travel Insurance

* Heart Conditions Holiday Insurance
* High Blood Pressure Travel Insurance
* Enlarged Prostate Travel Insurance - coming soon
* Underactive Thyroid Travel Insurance - coming soon

Other specialist insurers

* Pregnant Travel Insurance
* Angina Travel Insurance

Latest Travel Insurance News

Watch out for high excess

Which? Money has discovered travel insurance products with cover limits and excesses at exactly the same level - meaning that making a claim is completely pointless.

With some providers, cover limits - the amount you can claim - and excesses - the amount you have to pay towards a claim - were identical, making parts of the policy useless.

If your holiday cash goes missing, Diamond's Economy travel insurance will pay out up to £200 but also has an excess of £200, effectively leaving you with no cover at all.

For lost or stolen luggage, MRL Insurance's Economy product lets you claim up to £200 but will claw back £120 - leaving you with just £80 to replace your belongings.

Meanwhile, if the worst happens and you have to cancel your trip, Cheaper Travel Insurance's Bronze policy has a limit of £500 and an excess of £250.

Before jetting off on your dream break always check the details of your travel cover carefully. Talk to your insurer if you are unsure about excesses - some will waive them for an additional fee. More from Which


Do you travelled abroad or at home without travel insurance for the over 85s- One man aged 85 did just that and found himself faced with a bill of £77,000!

The traveller was on holiday in the States when struck down with pneumonia and other complications. His medical and repatriation costs totalled £77,000, for the over 80s and all of which could have been avoided by taking out an over 80s travel insurance policy for approximately £100.

Top tips for making a (successful!) #travel #insurance claim:

— Wanderlust magazine (@wanderlustmag) August 4, 2014

The survey by travel insurance broker discovered that travellers are increasingly not taking travel insurance to save on costs. Almost a third of those questioned were considering travelling without travel insurance for over 85s.

medical conditions for travel insurance

Medical Bills for travellers approach £1000 per trip!

The average medical claim for a Briton who falls ill abroad is more than £900, figures show.

This figure is almost double of that seen a decade ago, while for a traveller aged 65 or older it is even higher - claiming just under £1,000 to cover medical bills.

The survey shows that heart-related conditions are number five in the top 10 reasons for medical claims - but people travelling with heart conditions and other ongoing medical problems can arrange pre-existing medical travel insurance.

But despite these figures, six million British holidaymakers are still travelling without arranging travel insurance, research shows.

Spain, Egypt and Turkey are the most likely destinations where a claim occurs, while the highest bills for medical treatment come from the US and Canada.

Tourists are being warned that the cost of treating everyday illnesses, such as stomach bugs and trips and falls, are likely to leave them shocked and it's not just serious health problems that need cover.

Gastroenteritis, usually thought to be a 24-hour annoyance, was found to be the most common medical condition that led to a claim, with symptoms including dehydration that can mean a trip to the hospital is in order.

The analysis of claims in the past year by Debenhams travel insurance shows t he average non-medical travel insurance claim is just over £400 - less than half of that seen on medical claims.


1. Gastroenteritis (stomach bugs)

2. Injuries to knee and lower leg

3. Injuries to head

4. Ear infection

5. Heart related conditions

6. Chest infections

7. Skin problems (dermatitis, allergic reaction)

8. Injuries to the wrist and hand

9. Back pain and pelvic injuries

10. Animal or insect bite

Top Ten Winter Breaks Travel Insurance

Taking sun-seeking holidays during the October to March period is becoming increasingly popular for retired and semi-retired Seniors such as myself. We have the time to travel during these wintry months and also the inclination, for health and hedonistic reasons, to find warm, sunny places for winter breaks.

Benidorm beach in December

Over the years I have succeeded in finding many such places just a few hours flight away from the UK and from these I have chosen my Top Ten Winter Breaks, listed in order according to distance from the UK. I’ve taken the liberty of including two long haul destinations as they offer particularly attractive places for winter breaks.

1. Southern Spain – My touring holiday in Southern Spain, Alicante to Granada was made in early December. The beach at Benidorm is really quite attractive when empty and the Alhambra in Granada is so much more impressive without crowds of tourists.

An alternative in Southern Spain is to follow a route I took in late November, see: Andalusia Touring Holiday – Malaga, Ronda, Seville, Cordoba. You could even include Gibraltar – A Day in Britain on the Med.

2. Portugal – Although my touring holiday Portugal – Palaces, pousadas and port wine was made in September, I’ve made a similar journey in January and enjoyed warm weather during the day, although it did get cold at night.

3. Sicily – I spent 10 days touring Sicily in late February early March as described in five posts, commencing with Sicily Touring Holiday – Getting There and Driving Around. There was plenty of sunshine and it proved to be a great value winter break for Senior travellers.

Winter breaks: Cefalu harbour and beach
Cefalu harbour, Sicily
4. Malta – See Malta in December – Sun, sea and seasonal discounts.

5. Istanbul – My Istanbul – Short break in early December provided temperatures in the mid-teens and a chance to see the great sights of this Top Ten City in the absence of hordes of tourists.

6. Canary Islands – Sunshine and warm temperatures are almost guaranteed throughout the year. The Canary Islands are a good choice for those who like beach holidays and hotel pools. For me Tenerife comes out top for scenery particularly the area around the volcanic peak of Mt Teide.

7. Cyprus – When I visited in January I was surprised to find a pleasantly quiet Ayia Napa, completely different from the busy, noisy summer scene. It was cold high up in the Troodos Mountains, but worth the journey to see the snow-covered peak of Mt Olympus.

St Augustine Old Town
St Augustine Old Town, Florida
8. Egypt – I have visited three different areas as winter breaks and had warm, sunny weather in each case. For history and culture then Cairo is a good centre. For temples, tombs and the Nile, head for Luxor. For beach holidays then Sharm el-Sheikh is the place to go. However check on the British Government Foreign Travel Advice before travelling to Egypt.

9. Florida – My Florida Touring Holiday was made at the end of February, but it was sunny almost every day with temperatures in the high teens or low twenties, and there were no mosquitoes in the Everglades!

10. Cape Town – A winter break in South Africa coincides, of course, with the sunny summer period. There is no better place to visit in South Africa than my Top Ten City of Cape Town.

Other places where I’ve enjoyed good winter breaks, but have not quite made it to my Top Ten, are: Dubai, The Gambia, Kenya, Morocco and Tunisia.

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